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Now that the warmer weather is upon us and hopefully here to stay, at least for the mere few months Toronto is used to, I created a summer themed dinner party setup that is fun, bright and sure to strike up conversations.

This can be a fun table setting for family and friends. Although this was designed for four people, you can definitely add more spots. And with this spread, you most likely will.

I love the idea of tiny food, it creates a more casual atmosphere and looks like you have put a lot more work into your party. So when I found “Tiny Food Party” I knew it would be an immediate favourite. I used two of the recipes which you can see below.

Little aesthetics you can add are cocktail umbrellas picks to your drinks, wind spinners for the table and PINEAPPLE LIGHTS.

For fun desserts, I made fruit kebab and popsicles because popsicles. Need I say more?

Photo 2017-05-30, 11 45 26 PM
Charcuterie boards are one of the easiest things you can make for your guests, there is no limit of how many selections you can mix it, very customizable and pretty much guaranteed to be a hit.
Photo 2017-05-30, 11 45 45 PM
I love these pineapple lights from Chapters. They really add a much needed touch of light so your party can easily transition from day to-night. And they are pineapples, how cute is that!
Photo 2017-05-30, 11 45 34 PM
A little close up of the place setting. These can all be found at Winners, which sometimes is hard to find again as they constantly change their inventory. I have a pineapple as a base, a light pink plate next for height, topped with a really fun popsicle plate. As a side plate, I have this lemon plate. This is all tied together with a simple white napkin and silver napkin ring.
Photo 2017-05-30, 11 45 31 PM
One of the recipes from “Tiny Food Party” are these Caprese bites. These are delicious and so simple to make.
Photo 2017-05-30, 11 45 29 PM
Chicken Parmesan Crostini – These were so delicious. I cheated and used store-bought crostini but I loved how the final results turned out.

Thanks for reading and happy planning.



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