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This post is especially special to me because it is Canada’s 150th birthday. Growing up, I did not understand what it meant to have immigrant parents. Through the eyes of an innocent child, I only saw the best in everything. Over time, I was finally old enough to understand what it meant for my parents to come here and their struggles in a country foreign to them. I am so fortunate to be raised here, where my worries are minuscule compared to what is occurring around the world.

I am grateful to be born in this beautiful country that has taught me to be strong, brave and always proud.  Whether you are born here or have allowed Canada to be your new home, I hope we can all celebrate this wonderful country for it’s birthday.

I created a casual Canadian-inspired dinner party to be shared with friends and family. As always, you can add your own twists to everything and remove things you don’t like. I tried to incorporate things that make Canada unique and so great.

A better view of the place setting. Red and white accents to give the Canadian theme.
Did you know Ketchup and All Dressed Chips are exclusive Canadian flavours? Ketchup chips are definitely a game changer for me.
Classic Caesar. Clamato juice, hot sauce, worcestershire sauce, vodka. Celery salt to rim the glass, topped with a celery stick.
Poutine: French fries, cheese curds and gravy. If you have never tried this, you need to right now. I bought this at Harvey’s as it was my first job and will always have a specia place in my heart.
Rumours have it Canadian KD is way better than American KD. With peameal bacon as a topping? I’d have to agree with that. You can definitely make your favourite Mac and Cheese for this as well.
Butter tarts: Basically buttery goodness.
What is a birthday celebration without cupcakes? Chocolate cupcakes with a buttercream and chocolate frosting swirl.
S’mores are definitely not originated from Canada but they make a wonderful dessert during summer nights.
Yes, the world truly does.

Thanks for reading and happy planning.





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