Today, I would like to share with you a DIY baking project: Naked Cakes.

Once Naked Cakes generated the buzz it needed, it has reigned supreme as an alternative design for cakes, for any occasion from birthdays to weddings.

I love the simplicity of the design, the “perfectly imperfect” look of the cake. As an amateur baker, Naked Cakes are definitely less stressful as you really can’t make a mistake.

When creating a Naked Cake, you want to think about what your overall look will be like. Take inspiration from Pinterest, Google, Instagram, etc. What contrast of colours are you looking for? How naked do you want the cake?

I will show you a Naked Cake I recently created for a friend’s birthday. After I was given the flavour she wanted (chocolate on chocolate) I was ready to design away. I like to sketch out my design and layers before the baking process. I decided to create a four layer cake because I personally love the height. I decided to go for the chocolate cake, with a chocolate ganache buttercream as the filling and vanilla bean buttercream for the outside. I like the contrast of the two and it’s classic. You can pre-make your cakes and freeze them to keep them moist. Just take them out to defrost for a few hours prior to assembly.

As the decorations, I decided to make pink peonies out of gum paste. I bought my peony cutter from Amazon: It is pretty easy as you just roll out the gum paste and push the mold. Here is an easy video to help you if you want to be sure you’re doing it right:

Here I have all my ingredients for my Naked Cake: 4 layers of the chocolate cake, peonies, chocolate ganache buttercream and vanilla bean buttercream.
Before you start with your layers, make sure you pipe some frosting to the board prior to your first layer. You do not want the cake to slide off. After you place the first layer of cake on the board, brush some sugar-water on the cake to keep it moist. To have an easy and even frosting on all the layers, fill two piping bags, one with chocolate ganache buttercream and one with vanilla bean buttercream. I went in with the vanilla bean buttercream first then the chocolate ganache. Repeat the cake, sugar water, frosting steps until your last layer.
Once you have completed the frosting steps, your cake should be topped high. You can insert a wood dowel or takeout chopstick to secure your cake levels. You can adjust the length of the chopstick by scoring where you need and just snap off the excess.
Here is how the cake looks like, ready to be frosted.
Remove any crumbs on the board. Using your vanilla bean buttercream, pipe to fill in the void from each layer. You do not need to be perfect in this step as you will be smoothing everything out after. Just make sure you fill in the gaps of the cake.
The best part of a Naked Cake? No crumb coating!  To smooth out the buttercream, you can use a icing spatula, icing smoother or whatever is easiest for you. Don’t give up, just keep smoothing.
Keep going until you are happy with your work. As you begin to smooth out the cake, you will start to decide where is the front. When you know, you know. Clean off any frosting on the board and you should have something like this.
How cute is this cake topper? I purchased mine online at Chapters:
I finished off the peonies with some dust colour on the edges.
And Voilà!


Thank you for reading and happy baking!



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