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In the mist of the busy month, my boyfriend and I made plans to go kayaking in Toronto. The great thing about the competitive e-commerce market these days is that we have deal websites such as Groupon to get people to try new things in their local areas.

The pick we made was for Toronto Adventures Inc. Two- Hour Self-Guided Tour along the Humber River. There was ample parking on a Friday evening and the staff was friendly. We got into our tandem kayak and began our route. They show you a map and depending on how ambitious you want to be, you can complete the whole trail or just paddle along the water. The water was honestly pretty gross, which is expected for in the city, but it is great to have something like this easily accessible. For a moment, I forgot where we were… until you hear the subways making their way down the tracks.

Who says you have to drive long distances to have an outdoor adventure?


IMG_5198 (1)
Making our way down the river.
Smiles all around 🙂
Lots and lots of trees!
Why hello there.
Subway x Nature.
IMG_5201 (1)
Favourite human.


The Groupon is still available if you would like to check it out: 

Shoutout to the boyfriend for paddling the entire time.

Happy exploring!



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