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< word of the day: hyperbole –exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally >


Thank you for visiting my blog for my first styled dinner setup of the new year. I thought it would be really fun to take a twist on the retro diner style of the 50’s.

I was inspired by the bold retro colours of 50’s diners, red, baby blue, dark blue and of course the black and white floors. Kate Spade came out with the cutest line of retro style dinnerwear. For this styled dinner, I chose “Breakfast Served All Day. Open 24 Hours” because let’s be real here, we all can crave diner food at any time of the day!  As a charger, I chose the baby blue plate that creates a big contrast to the red.

On top of the plating duo, I added a paper basket as a added touch of retro style to hold the burger and hot dogs. Don’t forget your condiments!

You can definitely make changes to the food, a modern take would definitely be more healthy with the food trends of today. Every food item here has its vegan/vegetarian doppelganger.

Keep scrolling for more pictures 🙂

Who says you can’t have eggs for breakfast?
Do you prefer hot dogs or burgers?
Burger. Fries. Milkshake.
Can’t forget your fruits!


Thank you for reading and happy planning!



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